So, it might get awkward if we don’t get this out of the way now… what exactly is a laser cutter?

Excellent question my dear friend.

Basically our super expensive, high tech C02 laser cutter fires a laser beam, or more technically,  a column of very high intensity infra-red light. This gets reflected and bounced around by mirrors (or ‘beam benders’) before it’s focused to the laser head where it vaporises anything in its path!

Vader style.

Or, if you’re old school; magnifying glass and ant style.

What exactly can it cut?

Ahh.. the fine print.

We have a 100W laser and we don’t wanna brag, but it’s pretty powerful.

We can cut basically anything besides metal and anything PVC based.

We can cut:

✓ interior plywood
✓ solid timber
✓ screenboard
✓ boxboard
✓ paper & cardboards
✓ corrugated cardboard
✓ acrylic / perspex
✓ polypropylene
✓ genuine leather

✓ (PVC/vinyl free) imitation leather
✓ natural / silicone rubber
✓ laser safe plastic laminates
✓ textiles
✓ bamboo products
✓ cork
✓ felt
✓ polarizing film

✓ glass (engrave only)
✓ aluminium (engrave only)
✓ marble (engrave only)
✓ granite (engrave only)
✓ slate (engrave only)

We can’t cut:

✗ polycarbonates
✗ foam
✗ foamcore
✗ styrene
✗ vinyl

✗ polystyrene foam
✗ polypropylene foam
✗ fiberglass
✗ HDPE/milk bottle plastic
✗ metals

How thick?

This depends.

However, as a rough guide

  • Acrylic 0-6mm;
  • MDF 0-8mm;
  • Ply 0-8mm;
  • Pine 0-9mm

How big?

Our bedsize is 70cm x 50cm.

Want something bigger?

Our floating sign is the best option then, especially if your lettering is not cursive as each letter can be up to 70cm x 50cm.

It is cursive?

We’re happy to cut your piece in bits and ‘stitch’ it together in inconspicuous places (eg. at the joining of letters)

Can I BYO my own materials?

Yup. In fact, if you want something realllly specific, we encourage this.

Plus, it keeps the cost down on your end.

I need one gazillion wooden chopping boards laser cut, can I get a discount?

Fo sho.

We can set up a deal.

Congrats on the booming business!

I’m an illustrator and I want some of my awesome work burnt on wood, can we colab?

Firstly, we are beyond jealous of your skills and yes- we’re down for something cool. Message us!

Love your home decor collection, do you do wholesale?

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. (Did we manage to sound like Elvis?)

Yes, we do wholesale ! As a general rule, I offer wholesale pricing at a 50% discount to my retail price.

Have a squiz at my online etsy shop here.

Do you have a cutting service / Can I borrow some laser power?

Of course.

We charge $2/min + $10 file setup fee + materials

Please make sure your file is in a .dxf format and ready to be cut/etched/scored. . . If you don’t know what that is, we can convert it for you as long as it is already in vector format.

Can I put my sign outside?

In rain, hail or shine! We are more than happy to give your sign a few licks of marine varnish.

At this stage, we do not offer installation of outdoor signage as that council tape doesnt seem much fun to get entangled with.

Have we missed something?

Most likely, flick us an email and all of your questions shall be answered.

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